Creative Conversations: Meet Rocky the creative behind ROXTA

One of the unique things about Perth Upmarket is the community we have built with our customers over the past ten years and from all our conversations at Upmarket we know how much you love hearing the stories behind the creatives. So it is our pleasure to introduce to you Rocky the creative behind ROXTA the Perth brand “Changing the world one t-shirt at a time!”

Rocky can you tell us a little about yourself and your creative business. How did it all start? Why clothing? Why Perth?Upmarket ROXTA

As the son of Italian immigrants who bravely left their families behind in 1960 just 4 months after they were married, to seek out a better life for themselves and their future children. I refer to myself as ‘Made in Italy. Born in Australia’.

On a recent trip to Italy with my parents (my father’s last trip as he sadly passed away last year, and most likely my mother’s last aswell), I remember tears welling up in my eyes as I approached my parents’ home town. I suddenly realised that I belonged in two places – Italy and Australia (Perth)…but I actually had no one home as my heart was torn between the two countries!

It is this connection (and now constant reflection) with my past that all contribute to my expression of my emotions through my art.

My passion began some years ago with a love of photography, sketches, watercolour and acrylic paintings. Then earlier this year I decided I would like to share my ‘art’ and whilst I have previously exhibited and sold paintings, I also see t-shirts as blank canvases waiting to come to life….hence the birth of ROXTA.

What inspires you to create?

I love clothing and fashion, and t-shirts are a staple of everyone’s wardrobe, much like jeans, except that t-shirts can better express the wearer’s personality through the prints on them.

As a qualified Engineer – I am a very disciplined and precise but as an artist – I am creative and free.

I probably would have made a better Architect than pursuing Engineering (which I left many years ago). I now own my own interior design business…which provides me a wonderful balance ‘part art/part science’.

ROXTA allows me even more indulgence in my artistic side as there are no real boundaries.

What is your personal favourite piece and why?

Difficult question to answer! I love them all as I have created each one by taking a part of myself and sharing it (a bit like my own children – I love each of them but in different ways).

I am strongly drawn towards my RETRO Range (as I connect with the past so strongly) and also the ANIMA range with the shadowy figures.

ANIMA translates to ‘soul’ in Italian. I have been scribbling and painting these figures for years, and they seem to both haunt and inspire me in some strange way.

Tell us a little about your range – is there something for everyone?

All my t-shirts are all designed by me in WA and all prints (inks) are direct to the fabric – not the more common digital transfer. This means the print won’t fade, crack or peel like digital transfers do when washed or ironed.

There is absolutely something for everyone! I currently have 6 ranges available:

. ANIMA (the shadowy figures)

. ARTIS (artwork)

. MONDO (based on countries)

. PRIMA (based mainly hand gestures)

. RETRO (nostalgic and vintage)

. ZODIA (star signs)

What can Perth Upmarket customers expect from you at our next market?Upmarket Roxta T

I will have 5 very special WA designs EXCLUSIVELY FOR UPMARKET- Perth’s Big Design Market– featuring Rottnest, the Crawley Boatshed, The Bell Tower, Perth City and Australia

Perth Upmarket shoppers can also expect to see my entire range together with a range of ROXTA designed cards and a special range of ROXTA Christmas cards.

To visit ROXTA’S website CLICK HERE

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