Upmarket giving UWA student valuable marketing experience

Meet Sharmaine, our marketing intern. Sharmaine is finishing her studies at the University of Western Australia, majoring in Marketing & Japanese. In her penultimate semester of her degree, she was able to work with us, expanding her current skillset and putting the theory she has been learning into practice.
Sharmaine said she wanted to do the Perth Upmarket internship for a number of reasons.
“Firstly, I wholeheartedly believe in Justine’s vision to help creative small businesses succeed,” she said, “It’s amazing seeing the Perth community get together to shop local and support WA creatives.”
“Secondly, every Upmarket event that I have been to exudes positive vibes. The workplace culture is incredibly friendly and I have felt right at home from the very start. Lastly, this internship was bound to provide me with invaluable experience and opportunities to develop a range of different marketing skills while working closely with the marketing consultant, Tara.”
“So far, I have been given hands on experience working at events and gained insight into what goes on behind the scenes for both Perth Upmarket and Wedding Upmarket. Preparing and planning for over 180 retailers to all come into one space is something that can only be learnt on the job. Aside from learning how to effectively time manage and stay on top of marketing channels including blog posts, social media marketing and emails, I have even been given exposure to the logistics side of things, including set up, pack down, and traffic control.
“These opportunities for skill development are sure to give me an advantage when it comes to future employment. Interning with Perth Upmarket has provided me with unique chances to further develop my ability to problem solve and think creatively, as well as network effectively and build rapport. Overall this experience has been exceptionally rewarding, both in terms of personal satisfaction at achieving new goals and confidence for what is to come in the future.”
Sharmaine was part of our 2017 internship program for students from the University of Western Australia and was the first of many students that we hope to provide practical experience to. We look forward to working with more students in the future!
Update: July 2018– Sharmaine Tan  has just been appointed to an junior digital marketing role at Bonfire.

She contacted us and this is what she said: “I just wanted to let you know that I have been offered a position at Bonfire. Thank you very much for being my reference. I am so excited for this position and couldn’t have done it without you- Perth Upmarket gave me a significant advantage in building my experience, and I will always be grateful for everything you taught me.”

If you are interested in becoming a UWA marketing intern with Perth Upmarket, please get in touch with your resume and simple 1 page cover letter explaining why you would like to work with us.  We offer 3 month internships for UWA marketing students for both credit points and general work experience.