Perth Christmas Market – Christmas decorations in the making with Robin Wells

At each Perth Upmarket we always get to see the fabulous finished pieces created by our  very talented retailers but often we don’t have any idea of the blood, sweat and tears that go into creating these designers pieces!

For instance, have you ever wondered what go’s in to bringing Perth Upmarket Ambassador Robin Wells intricate Christmas decorations to life?

Well wonder no more because we took a look behind the scenes with Robin in her Perth studio.

Like to see what we discovered – well read on…..

Behind the scenes with Robin Wells latest collection of Christmas decorations.

For anyone who is familiar with Robin Wells exquisite jewellery range it will be no surprise that the inspiration for Robins Christmas range began with her love of …..?  Creative retailers like Robin Wells, have positioned Perth Upmarket as one of the Best Christmas Markets in Perth.

Australian Native plants of course!

So how does a seed of an idea in Robin’s mind transform into a stunning finished product.

It begins with studying, photographing and sketching the inspirational plant until the completed idea takes shape. Then it’s time for modeling on the pc, cutting, powder coating and carefully removing each individual piece from the master sheet ……

Then after some very careful and painstaking hand riveting and matching each piece up with a contrasting centre piece and background.

Voila – the Christmas decorations begin to take shape and the end result is I think you will agree absolutely stunning.

Upmarket Christmas Decorations

To get your hands on some of Robin Wells Christmas decorations you can visit her at our Christmas Upmarket in November CLICK HERE for all the details or jump over to her website