Top 5 tips for decorating your home office

The COVID-19 global pandemic has certainly made an impact on the way we live, socialise and work. Lockdowns globally have resulted in many people taking their jobs home and the home office is now a much-coveted, normal trend feature of modern living. 

A recent observation by an architectural firm showed that pre-COVID, only 10% to 15% of apartment units and houses built had some type of dedicated office space. This figure is expected to increase by up to 75% going forward.

With more than half of life predicted to be spent working, we feel it is important to create a home office that you would be inspired in, want to do productive in and perhaps create some “home office envy.”

To do that, we’ve gathered some top tips for decorating a home office.

Inject your personality and taste into it

Your home office should inspire you and reflect your personality and taste. After all it is a space where you will do all your creating, thinking, ideating, working and generating outcomes. One easy way to inject you into your space is to choose some artwork that speaks to you and you can hang up immediately for instant personalisation.

If you love nature and going down south to be close to our gorgeous and tranquil bushland, check out Bowerbirds Collection for original watercolour artworks and prints inspired by Australian flora and fauna or an Emily Jackson print which portrays the natural world of Western Australia!

Bowerbirds Collection Emily Jackson


For a chic, fashionable feel to your home office, we can suggest looking into the world of Colour Wash Creative by Madi for an abstract modern feel or a charcoal drawing for a classic, “never go out of fashion” black and white Rachel Hall Fine Art addition to your home office walls.

Colour Wash Creative Rachel Hall Fine Art


There are so many other options to choose from our Perth Art Upmarket Gallery – bubbly and bright with Dave Calkins artwork or a more professional vibe with EatLovePaint – we feel there’s something to suit all unique personalities.

Green your home office

What do you think when you think of the colour green? Nature, growth and life! You can breathe some life into your home office with some greenery, in the form of indoor pot plants which can be placed in some beautifully handmade pottery from Andrew Tremain Ceramics or (why not both even) porcelain vases from Viviana Maier.

Andrew Tremain Ceramics Viviana Maier


If you – like some of us here – don’t seem to possess some green thumbs, we can highly recommend some greenery that you don’t have to water but will speak of nature’s beauty all the time.

Lesley Brims Art’s beautiful flora will sort your forever greenery or Corr Art’s colour inspired art will also make sure you get connected with nature whenever you’re in your home office.

Lesley Brims Corr Art


Get a gallery wall of your most favourites

Is there a neutral wall in your office? Try styling a gallery wall of it with some printable and framed quotes that you love and can get inspiration from.

Or if you prefer a gallery wall of pictures and images to look up to and get excited about, we can recommend hanging up a few smaller artworks by Flora Waycott that has a – dare we say it – cute – and happy gingerbread-story quality that will make you want to dream away into a fairy tale. Maybe a good stress relief in between multiple zoom calls and deadlines?

You can also get in touch with your inner child spirit with some eco friendly children wall art by Good Art that include the happy smiles of quokkas.

Flora Waycott Good Art


Find the rug (or something close to that)

Rugs can act as a soothing sound-absorption for your home office. Something that might help to separate your home life and “home” office sounds whilst also adding visual interest on the ground level if there is not any available wall space for some personalised artwork.

A handmade quilt of Australian fauna by Ruth de Vos can be a unique substitute for a traditional rug.

Another creative way to soundproof your home office is to add some materials on your walls and Mandy from Creating Knots has that all covered with her handmade macrame wall hangings.

Ruth de Vos Creating Knots


Get Bold with the desk

Ordinary desks are well… ordinary. They tend to be black, white, or another neutral color. If there is a color that brings you joy or some theme that transports you to your happy place, why not apply that to your desk?

After all, your desk is where everything lives – computers, papers, pens, documents, coffee cups – so a little inspiration whenever you look down can be a great addition to your home office.

Flowing Designs’ resin and slab wood furniture can help you with going bold with your desk. Ocean, river and crystal inspired resin tables are creative options for your home office table.

If you’re not keen on going all out and permanent with a bold desk, here’s another idea: get your office desk painted via commission. Sara Drake’s illustrated 3d maps and globes will perhaps help our travelling blues?

Flowing Designs Sara Drake


Check it all out in person at Perth Art Upmarket

There’s nothing better than seeing art in real life! So, if you’re looking to decorate your home office to be more inspirational, calming, and just more you, we welcome you to the Perth Art Upmarket on Saturday 16 October at the University of Western Australia.

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