Top 10 tips when applying for markets

Here are our top 10 tips when applying for markets:

1. Read all the application information thoroughly.

2. Follow the registration or application process.

3. Be clear and concise in answering the questions and don’t include information that isn’t relevant. Make sure you answer all the questions so that the organiser has all the information to assess your application – what, why, who, when, how and where?

4. Include the correct links to your website and social media pages to allow the assessor to understand more about your business. A strong social media following will be well regarded. If you don’t have a page, create at least an Instagram or Facebook business page to show you have an online presence.

5. Photos– The most important part of an application is the photos. Make sure you take time to add your best images. If you have to, organise a photo shoot. Professional photos are best but if you don’t have access to this, take time to take well styled shots. The market event may want to promote your presence at the event and the quality of your images must be reflective of the image they are trying to reflect as a brand. If your photos are great, you may be featured on promotional materials which is extra exposure for your brand. Check upload sizes. Some sites will have limits on the size of photo uploads. Close up photos are great to show detail.

What not to do:

– Don’t take photos at night

– Don’t just throw your designs over the corner of a lounge and snap

– Don’t submit photos that are blurry or products are too small

6. Styling– Is just as important as the photos. Make your product the feature of the photo and show it in context. For example, for fashion products, you should show them being modelled, for home wares, show them in context. Consider using models or brand reps.

7. Visit the event and see if there are other retailers who sell in the same category as you. Consider how you can have a point of difference.

8. Think about how you will brand your stall space. For example, how will you merchandise your space, what signage will you have what will set you apart, what promotional material will you have and do you have a professional looking logo? Market organisers love creative displays. Create something that fits with your offering. Think about what you can offer that will se you apart from your competitors.

9. Make a diary note and make sure you apply by the closing date. Popular markets generally receive more applications than spots available and may not consider late applications.

10. Treat your application as a marketing exercise. Take time and put your best foot forward.


Blog written by Justine Barsley who is is the Founder and Creative Director of Perth Upmarket.  She also helps creative small businesses grow at Growth Quarters.