Tips for choosing art: finding your “soulmate artwork”

What makes Art unique is that it inspires feelings when we look at it. In our home environment, these feelings can play a significant role in our well being. The relationship we have with the artwork we have at home is enduring and can last longer than most relationships…. So in a way, the process of choosing art can be as complex as finding a soulmate…. and that is why choosing the art we will place at our walls at home is so important and also very challenging. So, how to start?

Blue on Roof Terrace by Juliana Torres

1. It is about what you love

The first thing I ask when I start working with a Client is to understand what they want to achieve from asking questions…. If you close your eyes and try to visualize the feelings that their home will inspire in you, what would you say? From these feelings, what is the image that first comes to mind? Is that a portrait, a naturescape, or an abstract? Are the colours bright, or are they subtle?
It is very important to choose the art you love – you will be looking at your wall every day, some days many times, so the artwork there needs to connect with you and bring you joy, happiness, good energy, inspires you or all these things together!




By Peta Garnaut Artist Eat Love Paint resin art

2. Know your limits and fully explore the options around it

Understanding your investment and budget before you choose is also key – you don’t need to spend too much to buy art that is original, that you enjoy, and which can appreciate its value through time. And knowing the range you can spend in advance will avoid disappointment.
Also important to understand the background reputation of the artist to get a sense of how that artwork value will evolve in time. Buying for emerging artists can be a good value, in particular if the artist is expanding their work, and being recognized amongst the community. Conversely, buying from an established artist will give you less risk with regards to your investment, albeit you may need to pay more.






Outdoor Art Commission by Caroline Christie-Coxon: “Accessible art that weaves naturally into place offers opportunity to represent a community’s or individuals sense of identity”

3. Trust (all) your senses
When choosing art, is not only about our vision. The tactile aspect is really important, the sense of touch and the media play an important part. What do you like to touch – a canvas or a sculpture? If it is a canvas, do you want the feeling of the oil, or acrylic? Or do you want to feel alternative materials jumping out ? If it is a sculpture, do you want to feel the smoothness of the metal, the porosity of a stone, or the freshness of wood? Or you don’t want to touch at all and wants an holographic projection instead? Trust your senses and your instincts to choose the media….







By Karen Louise Art⁠

4. Where and how it will fit?

Size and proportion of the piece, and its relationship with the size and proportions of the ambient, as well as colour and lighting is very important when choosing a piece for your home. It is a bit like choosing a dress – it may look great at the hanger but we can only be sure once we dress it! The process of “placing” the artwork in your home is important, so when you go to a Gallery to choose a piece of art for your home, bring pictures of the home and the wall you want to place it is. That is when the assistance of an interior designer can be very valuable to understand in advance which artwork will fit in a way that your home becomes the “outer frame” of the piece of art that you fell in love with it?





By Kerry Leigh Art

5. It is about your story

The best pieces of artwork are the ones that connect with our own journey…. Find out what is the story the artist tell about that piece – do you connect with that story? Do the artwork reminds you of a favourite place, or an important life event? If you are to describe it to a friend visiting you about how you chose that artwork, what would you say?







Art Commission by Kelly Muller Art: “A journey from East Perth to Nedlands through the Swan River”

Finally, as much as getting professional advice with regards to Art and Interior Design significantly helps to find the ‘perfect piece’, the final choice is always ours – it is in the end, about finding our “soulmate” artwork who will be with us when we enjoy a glass of chardonnay and recharge from the world outside our home.

Browse through our Art Upmarket Gallery to see which art work style piques your interest and come and meet the artists at Art Upmarket on October 17th at The University of Western Australia’s Winthrop hall.







Blog written by Juliana Torres- Shift Architecture

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