Marketing Internships at Perth Upmarket

At Perth Upmarket we are not only passionate about helping market stall owners create successful thriving businesses but we are also passionate about sharing our skills and knowledge with the next generation of marketeers. The Perth Upmarket Marketing Internship programme runs in conjunction with  The University of Western Australia (UWA) and provides an opportunity for any UWA student studying a...

Become a Perth Upmarket partner

Partnerships with other businesses help to keep Perth Upmarket growing, supporting local makers and businesses and bringing the community together to shop local. In return we can provide valuable access to a sought after, highly engaged audience as well as unique opportunities to engage with customers and/or small businesses via events and marketing activities. Our partnerships include: - Sponsorship at three different levels, as outlined below.  These involve the exchange of fund for marketing, branding, activation at events and/or market space to engage with a large community. - Cross promotion - Contra arrangements - provision of marketing and event space for giveaways, marketing support or the provision of services such as styling at Wedding Upmarket. If you would like to find out more information CLICK HERE to receive our sponsorship opportunities document.