Pure Home Body: helping families reduce their chemical load

Pure Home Body is a pharmacist formulated household product range based on research into common health conditions such as allergies, asthma, eczema and autoimmune diseases.

Pharmacist and mumpreneur Cara Little is the creator behind the brand. She recognised a gap in the pharmaceutical industry for genuinely natural products and was driven to create a plant-based, low tox product line.

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“It is important to understand what’s in everyday household products and the impact these can be having on your health,” Cara said.

“I wanted to debunk the myth that eco-friendly products are health friendly. They may still contain toxic ingredients. People need to be aware of how companies market products in a way that make them seem healthier for you.”

Cara’s health professional background and extensive research as well as her desire to inspire change through education and empowerment led to the creation of Pure Home Body.

Her concern around the lack of regulation with labelling and the “greenwashing” in product marketing inspired her to want to raise awareness about toxins within the home and how the impact of these over time can accumulate.

From here she developed a product line for cleaning and basic skincare such as hand soaps, all based on research and produced following a minimum one year trial within homes.

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Despite the challenge of juggling a small business alongside a young family, Cara has successfully created a platform to help people take control over the products they are using in their homes and provide quality products they can trust.

Pure Home Body are launching two new products at Upmarket – laundry detergent and dishwashing liquid – both of which are grey water safe, plant based and ideal for sensitive skin. Their lime scale product is also a best seller.

Find their full range on their online store. To chat with Cara in person, find them at Perth Upmarket this September.