Tree-of-Life essential oil diffuser locket


Tree-of-Life essential oil diffuser locket is a hand crafted in brass and 925 silver plated pendant that holds inside a porous diffuser porcelain pebble. Infuse your pebble with perfume or essential oil and enjoy the scent through the day.
The pendant represents a version of the Celtic tree of life, Perhaps the central tenet of the Tree of Life is the idea that all life on Earth is interconnected. A forest is made up of a large number of individual trees; the branches of each one link together and combine their life force to provide a home for thousands of different species of flora and fauna. In Celtic tradition, Trees were guardians of the land and acted as a doorway to the spirit world. It symbolises strength, wisdom and longevity.
Dimensions: silver chain length is 45cm, locket 2.50cm X 2cm

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