Plantable seeded gift tags (pack of 5)


Read me * Plant me * Watch me bloom!

Delight your dear ones with a unique gift tag they can plant and watch bloom into daisies.

A tiny gift to enjoy forever!

When the card is planted, the paper will compost away to leave only flowers. The card can be potted or sown directly into the garden soil.

How are we made?

* Designed and Printed with love in Perth, Australia

* 100% recycled handmade paper with embedded flower seeds, made in Australia

* 48 x 80 mm

* Blank for your personnalised message

* Printed with “Plant me I grow daisies. Made in Perth by Turquoise Creative”

* Natural jute included

What flowers do we grow?

Found in Western Australia, Swan River Daisy is a small native plant which produces a stunning array of beautiful purple, white, blue or pink flowers.

How unique are we?

The seeds can be seen as small flecks in the surface of the paper, giving additional interest and texture. Each sheet of our plantable paper is embedded with a multitude of seeds, randomly distributed…Creating a fascinating uniqueness for every card!

CANADA & NEW ZEALAND customers: Due to the seeds in our paper there might be quarantine regulations that need to be met when entering the country, which may incur an inspection fee. Turquoise Creative takes no liability for this fee. Please contact us for further information.

All artwork © Turquoise Creative

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