Creative conversations with Svelto bikes – change the way you ride!

Introducing Perth Upmarket’s newest retailer Svelto Bikes, designers of Perth’s hottest electric bike.

We caught up with Kat from Svelto Bikes, to find out how they aim to change your regular mode of transport around Perth.

Where did the idea for Svelto Bikes come from? Upmarket Retailer Svelto Bikes

Svelto Bikes started out as an intern project for Galactic Cooperative, to find a way to make city commuting easier and more efficient. The vision for Svelto Bikes came out of a desire to get commuters out of their cars and reduce the number of car on the road thus lessening traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

Why specifically an electric bike?  

An electric bike is more convenient than public transport or a pushbike, while also being safer and faster than other personal travel vehicles such as a uni-cycle, electric scooter or skateboard.

An electric bike provides commuters more flexibility and improved travel time (not being dependent on Perth’s infrequent public transport options) and they can ride longer distances than a pushbike.

What are your design and engineering inspirations?

The Svelto design, finalised in 2014, aims to evoke the aesthetics of a traditional bike.

The name Svelto is Italian and was chosen to emphasise Svelto’s speed and sleek looks. With a 25 year design philosophy, simple operation and sustainable clean energy usage, Svelto bikes are bikes for life.

Tell us some more about the Svelto bike.  Svelto Bike

Svelto bikes unisex design was chosen for easy riding ability in any wardrobe. The design also comes with an optional cargo box at no added cost. The cargo box allows the rider to tow their gear in the rear for a more comfortable ride.

we are looking at extending our range to include a cross-bar design for taller riders and longer range.

How can interested Perth Upmarket riders trial the bike?  

Those interested in having a trial ride of a Svelto bike are welcome to contact Svelto Bikes via our Facebook page. They are also encouraged to like the page for updates on our bikes and our “come and try” one of our afternoon tea events.

Moving forward, what are your predictions for public transport and biking as a mode of transport?  

Public transport will always be the slightly unreliable, reliable form of transport.

We hope that as the government improves and increases bike riding facilities we will see an increase in the amount of people choosing to commute to work via bike and other human powered methods.

We’re hoping to see the government roll out bike highways across the metropolitan as rider numbers increase.

To find out more about Svelto bikes click here to visit their website

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