Creative Conversations; Paintings Perth by Amanda Kimberley

Perth Art Upmarket would like to introduce you to Perth based visual artist Amanda Kimberley.

Amanda knew from an early age that art was in her blood. “I’ve been doing art classes since I was 8 years old”

“My passion continued into adulthood, when I completed a Fine Arts & Visual Culture degree through Curtin Uni. I work full time, spending my days off splashing colour, gardening, down the beach or in the bush.”

Art Upmarket recently caught up with Amanda to find out a little bit more about her, where she draws her inspiration from and what Perth paintings we can expect to see from Amanda at Perth Art Upmarket .

So Amanda where do you find inspiration for your art?

Nature’s one of those things that truly captivates me. All my senses are seduced- just taking it all in.

I get drawn in to a succulent for example, the endless shapes and patterns and colours coming together to create this 3 dimensional form is fabulous. I have this natural instinct to want to protect the environment. I think most people are immensely effected by sights such as the massive rubbish patch floating in the North Pacific Ocean.

Art is my way of being able to promote the awesomeness and beauty of nature. Hopefully to encourage people to consider nature more respectfully, by instilling a love for it.

I really want to hit the viewer with a wave of happy colour. Nature has helped save me during some of my darker days. I want to surround myself in it. I want that for the viewer also.

I’m so saddened by the prospect of one day perhaps having to inhabit another planet. Of course I’m impressed by our perseverance to survive. But I’m deeply saddened that we’ve managed to destroy what we have here.

What materials do you like to work with and why?

I love working with oils. I love the bright fresh colours (they don’t darken as they dry like acrylics) and I love being able to move them, as they take so long to dry.

I also love gel pens. I’m a drawer originally. I love the control in pens and the art of mark making- every mark should be made with intent. The array of colours in my pen set gets me so excited!

I also appreciate the fast drying time of acrylics, which lend themselves well to time constraints.

What can Art Upmarket visitors expect from you?

Visitors can expect vivid colours and funky patterns.

‘Autumn Beat’ is a depiction of a succulent from my garden.

Perth Art Upmarket Amanda Kimberly Autumn

Succulents lend themselves so well to Perth climate, being a water wise option and they thrive in our dry summer. They’re also visually spectacular with rich bright colours and interesting forms.

The flowers that bloom from them bring a whole other element of beauty.

Submerged‘- the effects of pollution and climate change on the ocean is deeply troubling.

Perth Art Upmarket Amanda Kimberley Submerged

The changes to the coral reef have been dramatic and unsettling. I wanted to depict underwater coral as a way of capturing a little piece of what was for my future children. To capture a little piece of magic for them, as what’s happening is not slowing down any time soon and sadly they may only experience the wonders of the underwater world through pictures.

What’s your favourite piece in your collection and why?

My favourite piece changes with moods and new paintings. At the moment I have a very soft spot for a recent commission of ‘The Shack’.

Art Upmarket Amanda Kimberly The Shack

It’s a portrayal of the family shack that my Pop constructed in the 70s at Long Point in Rockingham. All of the family has fond memories of it and it’s been amazing reading some of them, as people have shared their memories on my recent post of the painting.

My other favourite is ‘ Mazzy’. I painted that after my much loved dog Mazzy passed away. We always walked the dunes together at Secret Harbour.

Art Upmarket Amanda Kimberly

I think of her every time I look at that painting. Sometimes I look at it and smile thinking of all the fun we had. Other days my eyes well up as I miss her so much.

That’s the power of art- I love that a painting can do that.

What is your creative space like?

My studio is a dedicated room in my house but sometimes my whole house is bursting with my art- on the kitchen table, on the floor, the back room and my actual studio. That’s generally in the lead up to an exhibition.

I love my small studio. It’s so nice to have a space where I can leave paint and brushes and wet paintings midway and come back to them the next day. That’s the best way to work creatively. You want to be able to walk past a painting in the middle of doing something else and see that it needs a little something and put it in and walk away again.Amanda In her studio Art Upmarket

My studio is a room off my lounge room. So I always position the painting I’m working on so I can see it from my sofa. Observe it from a distance, in different lights. And see what it needs.

I also have the aisle set up near the window, with natural light filtering through. I have that window open with fresh air coming in rain hail or shine. I love feeling connected to the outside in that way.

I always have abc720 on the wireless or conversations podcasts playing. My absolute favourite segment Richard Fidler, has such a comfortable way of coercing stories out of guests. All of the guests have such compelling important tales.

One day I’d love to have a larger studio with a lot more storage space and much more natural light. An adjoining workshop would be ideal!

However I’m extremely grateful for what I have right now.

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