Organic Pet Pharmacy – Natural care for pets

Belinda and Piper

When speaking with Belinda Mason, the genuine love she has for animals is immediately obvious. She describes dogs as her “favourite ‘people’… running partners, swimming partners, late night stroll partners” and her mission is to do what she can to help them live their longest and healthiest lives.

When Belinda launched Organic Pet Pharmacy a few months ago, it was in the hope that she could empower people with choices when it comes to the caring for their beloved pets.

She explains that, due to a completely unregulated industry, pet care products do not have to list any of their ingredients on the packaging, leaving well-meaning customers no way of choosing what they are putting on their animals.

“Too many commercial pet products are actually creating or exacerbating health concerns rather than treating our most faithful companions in the way they truly deserve,” Belinda said.

Growing up on a farm, Belinda has always been surrounded by animals but it was one of her two beloved German Shepherds who inspired her to develop truly natural pet care products.

“Seeing Piper suffer with itchy, irritated skin and then the side effects of the medication she was given to treat was horrible and really made me think – ‘there HAS to be a better way’,” Belinda said.

“Most of the pet shampoos and other products are filled with harsh and sometimes even toxic chemicals which make production cheap but can cause serious problems for our dogs and other pets. I started formulating my range because ultimately, I want to do what I can to help them live the best life possible.”

Belinda adds that, sadly, itchy skin is just the visible part of the problem. 1 in 3 dogs are diagnosed with cancer and, over time, the average life span of our pets has actually been decreasing. Chemical exposure in the home and in everyday products is a contributor to these problems.

We all want the best for our four legged friends, but how do we know what ingredients to avoid and what is actually in the products we are buying or using?

“Transparency is a really important part of my brand as what I really want to do is just give people the choice – there are only a handful of pet care brands worldwide that list ingredients and mine is one of them,” she said.

Here’s what you won’t find inside Organic Pet Pharmacy products – synthetic fragrances, SLS, SES, PEG’s, parabens and petrochemicals – all common irritants found in many products for both pets and humans. Instead they are made with the best natural plant derived ingredients available – all listed on packing and detailed on the website.

So what’s next for Organic Pet Pharmacy? Next year will see the release of cat products and horse care products are also in the works. Beyond that, international distribution is Belinda’s goal – and she’s making fast progress! With a combination of passion for what she is doing, moral support and great mentors, she is able to push through the self doubt that comes with starting a business and focus on the future.

Want to give your pooch something special this Christmas? Come and see Organic Pet Pharmacy at Upmarket on Sunday 26 November at the University of Western Australia and pick up some goodies to pamper your best friend. Check out some of their happy customers below.