My top 10 tips for selling more at markets

Getting to market day is a lot of work – so let’s see how we can make it even more worthwhile with these tips for selling more at markets.


1. Be welcoming

Don’t be the stallholder sitting at the back of your stall busy on your phone! Stand up, smile at approaching customers and engage with them. Connect with customers and build a rapport by starting a conversation, even with a simple question like “How is your day going?”, would you like a sample, what kind of food do you like to cool? etc.  Create a fun, friendly and approachable atmosphere that is inviting for customers.  Offer for them to touch, feel or sample your product. 

2. Ask questions to see if you fit

Get customers to stop and find our how or if they fit in with your product. Don’t assume your product won’t suit. You don’t know their story. Ask the people who visit your stall questions so that you can help them better – for example, ask them if they’re looking for a gift or for themselves. Find ways to help them better find exactly what they’re looking for (and use it as a chance for some market research too!).

3. Tell them about your product

Have a short pitch practised about your product – be ready to succinctly tell potential customers what’s great about your product and how it’s better or different to others. Not only this, but how does your product provide a solution for them. For example – “it’s my unique recipe and you can make it as a one pot meal with no measuring, you just add meat and vegetables which will save you time when making dinners”. Practise it so it sounds natural and conversational and not overly salesy.

4. Consider a special offer

Give your customers an incentive to buy on market day rather than thinking about it or waiting for another opportunity. Have clear signage and mention the market day offer to customers who are looking at your products. For example: Save on shipping, extra item when you spend $x or bundle deals.

 5. Build your email list

Use the market to build up an email database of potential and existing customers. Have a sign up form ready at your stall asking people for their name and email address. Consider running a competition where someone who signs up at the market will win one of your products.

6. Prepare for objections

Think in advance about the kind of objections or blocks your customers might have that stop them buying your product on market day. For example, make it easier for them to buy by having PayPal service so they can pay with a credit card, and show them with a sign so they don’t even need to ask; offer an exchange option if they need, for example if they’re buying a baby gift but don’t yet know the gender of the baby.

7. Upsell

Figure out some useful ways to bundle multiple products or a range of products together to offer savings for customers happy to buy more. People love a deal. Also show them complimentary products. For example: We have this headband that matches with that bib.

8. Ask for their business

Don’t be afraid to ask a customer to buy – it doesn’t have to sound overly pushy. For example, if they’ve picked up a product, just ask if they’d like to take that one today. Sometimes that’s enough to make them decide or at least to open a conversation about exactly what they’re after.

9. Offer custom orders

By chatting to your stall customers and finding out exactly what they’re after, you might find they’re keen to buy something you don’t have available right now – so offer custom orders and advertise that you do.  Make sure you have a card or promo material that you can easily hand over so they can find you well past market day.

10. Say thank you!

Make sure you end the interaction on a positive note by thanking the customer for their business. If your stall is busy it’s easy to quickly turn to the next customer but be sure to finish off the buying process with a smile.

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