Merchandising your market stall

So you’ve come up with your designs and invested lots of time and money into making your product. How you display your product at the market is just as important as the product itself. It is really important that you take time to think through and plan out your market stall display… much like a retail shop… but on a smaller scale. In a crowded market place its essential that you create an inviting space that will get customers to stop, engage and buy from you.

We’ve seen hundreds of market stalls in our time.  We are amazed at how creative people can be with their stall design.  One way to gain ideas and  inspiration is to check out Pinterest.  We’ve been collecting great market stall pictures and adding them to our Pinterest board. We’ve also started a Pinterest board for our Art Upmarket as well because we know how tricky it can be to display your art in a small space.

One of the key things that often goes missing in a stall display is the story.  Our number one tip would be to create a story about your brand so that when a potential customer looks at your stall it evokes a feeling of what your brand is all about? Is your brand elegant, sophisticated, rustic, modern, industrial, quirky, vintage, relaxed or something else? Once you define the look for your brand, think about they types of materials, structures and props that may help to convey your brand message.

We have developed this Retailer Merchandising Guide to give you ideas and suggestions on what you should consider when designing your space. While this approach does take a bit more time and effort, I’m sure you will agree that the results will show in your sales results. A merchandised space doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to achieve a great result. Many of the ideas are simple and you can use things that you may already have or take a look on Gumtree or idea for well priced props. As I said earlier, we love Pinterest! Head over to Growth Quarters to learn more about our Taking your Hobby to Market Start Up course or our Growing Program.