Meet the Makers- Sunbella bringing back the parasol

Hat-hair or great hair? A cool strappy dress or hot long-sleeved shirt? Flawless makeup or oily sunscreen?  It can be hard to protect your skin from the rays while also looking your best.

Thanks to Casey Bryden and Jillian Intini, sun protection CAN be stylish. By blending fashion with function, Perth Upmarket retailer Sunbella has created a unique sun protection option that is also both stylish and convenient.

Comfortable to hold, elegantly crafted and made with an anti UV design, their parasols are one of a kind. A step up from lace parasols, which are ineffective against the sun, but far more aesthetic and lightweight than regular umbrellas.

Photo by RP DreamHunter
Photo by RP DreamHunter

The idea for their small business was born from a single conversation Jillian had with a skin cancer patient while she was still working as a nurse.

The lady revealed that she had spent her entire life outdoors. To avoid getting hat-hair, she had opted to wear visors most of the time. However it did not provide enough sun protection, which resulted in devastating consequences. 

Upon hearing her story, Jillian was inspired to create her own handmade parasol, leading to an overwhelming response from family and friends.

This was enough motivation to start a small business with Casey. As a mum and daughter team, they have managed to build their brand with minimal budget and in-house management.

“At the end of the day, the business wouldn’t exist if we weren’t in this together, as our skill sets are complimentary and we motivate each other.”

We’re mates first, business-partners second”, says Casey.

Sunbella has grown into an iconic brand, having scored high-profile users such as Nigella Lawson and the Duchess of Cornwall.

From their humble beginnings, they have now overcome the stigma associated with using an umbrella on sunny days and provide their customers with sun protection, an elegant accessory and the opportunity to shop local all in one.

Find them at the Spring Upmarket this September!