Meet the Maker- Sharon from Love Ruby x

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This week we would love to introduce you to another one of our Upmarket Exclusive retailers – Sharon from Love Ruby x and tell you a bit more about her creative small business.

Untitled design (11)Where did the name come from for your business?

I have been dying my hair red for as long as I can remember – it’s getting brighter and brighter as I get older. Red is also my favourite colour… Hence the Ruby part. I also wanted to create a personal connection with my logo so made it look like I was signing the bottom of a letter – I always sign off with a kiss…

How did you get into jewellery design?

I have always been making things. I studied Art and Applied Art at high school then trained to be an Art Teacher when I went to university. I changed course after two years to study Fashion Design. I have made wedding dresses and elaborate costumes for fancy dress balls and the Pride parade. Jewellery seemed a natural progression and something I could do on a bigger scale for people.

How would you describe your products?

I have a core group of best sellers but often make Limited Editions of a number of styles so they remain unique. I have many classic items which can be worn every day but also create statement pieces for special occasions. I work mainly with Swarovski pearls and semi precious gemstones such as onyx, lapis lazuli, bamboo coral and magnesite.

What’s your best seller?

One of my very early pieces is still being sold and that is a simple necklace of blue Swarovski pearls with blue and white porcelain beads and a painted porcelain pendant. On the other hand, my best seller over summer was a collar-style necklace of various metal stampings and charms linked together with a splash of turquoise-coloured magnesite and a butterfly charm.

Describe your style

I don’t think Love, Ruby x follows any passing fashion trends, rather my pieces are classic and unique and won’t go out of date – you could wear them for years and they would still be stylish. When I first started making jewellery I designed very ‘pretty’, delicate pieces but have been getting bolder and taking more risks as I have progressed.

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration can come from a number of areas. It could be a certain colour, or a vintage dress, or an old movie I have watched. It could be a phrase I have read or some artwork I have seen. Often the beads themselves inspire me, especially the gemstones, as how they feel will lead them to certain designs. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to make and other times I get lots of pieces out and have a play to work out what feels right together.

You can meet Sharon from Love Ruby x at the Winter Upmarket on 26 June where she will be selling her jewellery. You can also follow her on Facebook here: