Meet Organic Cotton Pajamas Designer- Cliveden Collection

Introducing Perth Upmarket exclusive retailer, Cliveden Collection, Perth’s ethical luxe lounge and organic sleepwear/ pajama brand.

We caught up with Olivia the founder of Cliveden to chat more about her passion for quality organic clothing.

When did you start Cliveden and what was the inspiration behind it?

Cliveden was born when we realised there was both a growing demand for quality cotton sleepwear and awareness of the benefits of organic clothing.  We decided to produce loungewear and sleepwear which aren’t just breathable and comfortable to wear, but also highly ethical.

What are the highlights and lowlights of running your own organic clothing business?Perth Upmarket Cliveden Collection

The highlights are definitely when we receive wonderful reviews for our products or when we have repeat customers – particularly at the Upmarket!  We have a lot of genuine support and well wishes from the community.

We also love that our products are manufactured right here in Western Australia. The Certified Organic Cotton which we use is produced using sustainable farming methods. They are also free of toxic chemicals, like percides, GMO seed and synthetic fertilizers in, in every stage of production.

Unfortunately, the biggest lowlight would be the general lack of awareness in the community about the importance of the slow fashion industry and the work of the organic cotton industry.

For those not familiar with the term “slow fashion” it’s about investing in thoughtfully crafted pieces that are made to last rather than cheaper, short term garments.

What’s next for Cliveden?

Perth Upmarket Cliveden CollectionWe want to continue promoting the importance of Australian made and organic products, as well as the slow fashion industry. This is definitely something that is of importance to us as a business and we want to raise awareness of that through our products.

We sell both Nationally and Internationally. Currently our best markets are the Australian and US markets – we’d like to expand this to the European market, so keep a look out!

Click here to visit the Cliveden website and view their full range.