Marketing Internships at Perth Upmarket

At Perth Upmarket we are not only passionate about helping market stall owners create successful thriving businesses but we are also passionate about sharing our skills and knowledge with the next generation of marketeers.

The Perth Upmarket Marketing Internship programme runs in conjunction with  The University of Western Australia (UWA) and provides an opportunity for any UWA student studying a marketing qualification to gain valuable on the job skills and experience.

We caught up with our latest intern James Hool a post graduate marketing student at UWA in his penultimate year.

We asked James to tell us what he thought about the Perth Upmarket internship in his own words.

“Having previously completed a degree in Economics, my on the job skills in marketing were amateur at best. But Justine and Tracey (Perth Upmarket’s marketing manager) allowed for a great environment to get hands on experience in small business marketing.

They were patient in teaching me areas I was less familiar with and gave me the freedom to create blogs, newsletters and social media posts meaning I was able to add real value to the business and the retailers that collaborate with Perth Upmarket.

I was given hands on experience in programs such as Later and Mailchimp, a huge advantage in the world of social media and email marketing.

Working 2 half days a week, I was fortunate enough to be rented out a space at IQX, a coworking space run in conjunction with UWA. This space allowed for a flexible work environment that supported the dynamic work environment Perth Upmarket embraced. Being 30 seconds from UWA, it was convenient and allowed Justine and Tracey to come and meet me to discuss the days tasks and projects, or if things were a little more busy, contact me online through Skype.

The ability to work independently, while having people around to network and connect with was a great asset.

Another great aspect is the ability to work with local designers and help them grow their business. The satisfaction of not just working with them but meeting them at the Upmarket events and seeing the faces behind the brands was hugely rewarding. Sitting in on some meetings with Justine also allowed for a greater perspective as to how these local small businesses are run.

Looking to the future, the opportunity given to me in my personal skill development is a huge advantage for future employment. Perth Upmarket has given me a huge array of practical skills, as well as adapting existing skills like problem solving and creativity to a work place environment.

I would highly recommend anyone considering interning at Perth Upmarket to apply and wish Justine and Tracey only the best for the future of Perth Upmarket.”

If you are a UWA marketing student interested in the Perth Upmarket Marketing Internship programme please email with an up to date CV.