How can I get regular social media content?

One of the best ways you can improve your engagement on social media is that boring but essential trait: being consistent!

 You can have amazing posts on Facebook or other social media platforms but if you only post there once every week or two then the chances are really high that nobody’s going to see it.


How can you be consistent on Facebook?

The question is: how can you get regular, high quality social media content, which your audience really wants to engage with, without it taking up all of your time? Because of course, as well as promoting your business, you actually have to do your business too, right?


Fortunately there are plenty of ways to work smarter, not harder, when it comes to finding content for your social media channels. In this blog post we’ll talk about just one way to help you create regular content for social media, but we have training including 13 ways to get regular social media content in our Growth Quarters mastermind.


Find some awesome sources of quality content online


Sharing content already created by others can be a reasonably quick way to get content for your own social media – especially on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn where sharing curated content is common.


However, you don’t just want to share random links or posts – spend some time thinking about the kind of posts which are useful, educational or inspiration for your target audience, and think about what kind of posts have resonated with them in the past.


Then, spend some time finding some websites and social media profiles which regularly share this kind of quality content. Keep a list of these – perhaps bookmark them in your browser or keep a list in a document (or in a tool like Evernote).


For example, if you are a food business, it might be that there are a couple of recipe blogs or websites that often include exactly the kind of recipes your audience will love. If you sell products for babies, find an awesome parenting site which has regular blog posts which are really useful for your audience.


Use a helpful content aggregation tool


You can also sign up for some sites which highlight quality content for the topics you’re looking for. For example, ContentGems.comlets you add in the keywords you’re looking for and then it continually finds the most recent content on the web which suits those keywords. (You can have updates on two different topics for free.)


Feedly.comis a similarly useful tool, and you can also add blogs that you like so it will show you all the newest posts.


On a bigger scale, a really popular tool is BuzzSumo, though it’s a paid tool which is often out of the budget for small business.


You could also use Pinterest as a way to monitor and gather useful posts to share – if you want to keep it private, create a secret board named something like “Content for Social Media” and gather links there until you’re ready to share them on your social media platforms.


If you would  like help in growing your social media following, head over to Growth Quarters to learn more about our online programs, mentoring and accountability.