Meet the Maker – Heidi of Spice Lily – A passion for handmade jewellery design

Heidi’s unique handmade jewellery designs are more than just a hobby. Like many ‘mumpreneurs’, Heidi has managed to create a full time business – Spice Lily – doing something she is passionate about while also being there to raise her two daughters.

When her eldest daughter was two years old, Heidi’s fascination with the ‘beading’ trend began, and she soon found her passion in creating beautiful jewellery pieces.

Like so many small business owning mums, for Heidi it is a constant juggle to strike the perfect work/life balance – if such a thing does in fact exist!

“I have really treasured the opportunity my business has given me in so many ways,” she said.

“My biggest highlight is being able to be with my girls while I grow my business.  I love all the craziness that surrounds it all and sometimes my house looks like a bomb has hit it when I have to spend solid days (and many, many late nights!!) making enough jewellery for events.  But I love it all.  My husband thinks I wouldn’t have it any other way and he is probably right.”

One of Heidi's beautiful jewellery designs
One of Heidi’s beautiful jewellery designs

The best part of being in a creative industry?  

“Meeting fantastic people – from my customers, to the people I meet through shops and event like Perth Upmarket,” Heidi said.

“I genuinely love people and enjoy a great chat with anyone.  I have done many photo shoots over the years and it is always rewarding to see a gorgeous photo of model wearing my jewellery but I sincerely get a bigger buzz when someone tells me in person how much they love my jewellery.

“I think I am very lucky to have something in my life I am so passionate about – I can really put my heart and soul into designing jewellery.”

So, where to next for Heidi and Spice Lily?

“I receive so many wholesale enquires from the Eastern States and I am just not set up for that….YET!  So my vision over the next five years would be to see Spice Lily wholesaling Australia wide.”

Social media and the great images we can now capture on our phones has been a game changer according to Heidi – now you can get creative, promote your business and reach large audiences all online without the extensive advertising costs that were once involved.

2017 is Heidi’s fifth year at Perth Upmarket and she will be up celebrating her 20th appearance at the event later this year. She said that her acceptance as an exhibitor at the “best” market in Perth has given her great confidence going forward.

“I think markets are a great way to see what the client thinks of your product face to face.  You can’t beat that,” she said.

Come and meet Heidi in person and shop her beautiful range this Sunday at Upmarket.