Gluten Free Options At Perth Upmarket

With more and more people looking for Gluten-free alternatives Perth Upmarket retailers are leading the way in gluten free options for their customers.

Whether you are gluten intolerant or coeliac, there is nothing more satisfying than having choices when eating out.

While it may not always be easy to find tasty and gluten-free luxuries to sink your teeth into Perth Upmarket retailers are willing to go that extra mile so that everyone can enjoy their yummy products.

Here is a selection of our go-to delicious gluten free delights on market day that makes Perth Upmarket one of the best gourmet markets in Perth.

12 Gluten Free Options You Must Try At Perth Upmarket

Left to right: Hail The Kale, No Toast, Margaret River Cracker Co., Turban Chopsticks, Earth Candy Chocolates and Golden Whisk

Others to try are: Latashas Kitchen, Champagne and Gumboots, Delish Ice, Persia’s Pantry, Ohhlala Preserves, GH Produce

Hope to see you at our next Upmarket!

Featuring a carefully curated selection of 180 local artists, designers, craftsmen and gourmet foodies all under one roof and also a dedicated Junior Upmarket section they’re really is something for everyone.

Winthrop Hall, Hackett Hall & Surrounds

To check out more of what our talented retailers have to offer at this Spring Upmarket, head over to our retailers gallery.

*NOTE: Please check ingredients and speak to the creator to make sure the product is suitable for your dietary requirements.