Creative conversations – Upmarket retailer Sunbella – Australia’s favourite designer of sun umbrellas

Finding the perfect gift at for someone that has everything can sometimes be a challenge. Wouldn’t it be nice to give that treasured female in your life a little something they can use all Summer long? Meet Upmarket retailers Jillian and Casey from Sunbella, two Perth ladies on a mission to protect the beautiful skin on WA’s women.Upmarket retailer Sunbella

The idea for their small business was born from Jillian’s interactions with her female skin cancer patient’s while she was still working as a nurse. Her patients would often tell her that they hated hat-hair or oily sunscreens, so hadn’t adequately protected their skin. So Jillian set out to create an attractive and effective sun protection option; an option that they would love to use, so that protecting their skin wouldn’t feel like such a burden.

From their humble beginnings 7 years ago, Sunbella has grown into an iconic Perth brand, having scored high-profile users such as Nigella Lawson and the Duchess of Cornwall.

We asked Jillan and Casey why they think Perth ladies have fallen in love with Sunbella.

Why do you think Upmarket customers are loving your range of stylish UV parasols?

We’ve been blown away by the support from ladies here in Perth, and from far off lands such as the UK, US, France, Spain and Italy. We have a fairly broad range of customers and they love our parasols for lots a different reasons.

Our customers range from mums that just want to watch their kids t-ball or cricket games in comfort, to people that need to stay out of the sun for medical reasons (lupus sufferers or those undergoing chemotherapy).

We have lots of brides who want to stay unflustered on their wedding day, ladies looking for an elegant accessory for the races or polo, and people looking for a unique and practical gift for that hard-to-buy-for lady…. the list goes on.

Essentially, we help women to stay cooler, prevent hat-hair, and feel elegant while they protect their skin.

When someone first holds one of our parasols, the first thing they usually notice is how light it is; most only weigh around 290 grams, making our parasols comfortable to hold all day long.

Some people love how much cooler the parasol makes them feel, as the heat doesn’t “trap” around their head as it does with a hat. All of our products have a unique tight-weave cotton canopy that has been enhanced with a UPF50+ sun blocker, so the fabric blocks up to 98% of UV rays.

It makes a huge difference in Perth’s searing heat!

Others love that they don’t get hat-hair so they can be outdoors in the morning, and then continue on to an afternoon activity without feeling hot, sticky and flustered.

Another benefit for is that our parasols don’t flip inside out and break in the wind; an essential feature for when the Freo Doctor sets in.

For those customers who can’t wear sunscreens as they irritate their skin, or can’t reapply their sunscreen after applying makeup, they just love that they have an alternative that still goes some way to protecting their skin.

Our business has grown exponentially but Perth ladies in particular seem to be much more aware of the dangers of over exposure to UV rays, perhaps because of our amazing weather and outdoor lifestyle.

We’re lucky to have been a part of Perth Upmarket for several years now, and one of the great things about it is that it’s given us the opportunity to chat face-to-face with many of our Perth customers. They’ve had a huge role in shaping the direction of our business.

Our latest creation, our new folding Compact Cosmopolitan parasol, was created as a result of the feedback from our Upmarket customers at the Upmarket events in 2017.

The Compact Cosmopolitan has a larger canopy than our previous products, it folds down to fit into a handbag, has a wrist strap and a more ergonomic carry bag, whilst still retaining our UPF50+ rating and elegant style.  It has already proven to be very popular, and looks set to be our best selling product to date, so thank you to everyone that contributed their feedback!

No matter which lady in your life you’re shopping for Sunbella’s UPF50+ sun umbrellas are this summer’s must-have accessory! Practical, stylish and elegant – the perfect gift for the lady that has everything!

Click here to pop over to the Sunbella website and check out their full range. 

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