Creative Conversations: Art Upmarket Joanne Duffy

Jo Duffy Perth Art Upmarket
               Journey Part X by Jo Duffy

Local West Australian artist and Art Upmarket retailer Joanne Duffys abstract style explores her interests and love of native flora and its environment, evoking emotional responses and memories within us. She brings to life the Australian landscape in her own distinct expressionist style.

In her artworks, you can find sweeping brush marks full of vitality, intense colour and emotion, creating a sense of movement within each piece and evoking glimpses of Australia’s rural landscape for the viewer.

Art Upmarket caught up with Joanne to find our what inspires her and what we can expect to see from her at Perth Art Upmarket.

What inspires your art? 

Perth Art Upmarket retailer Jo Duffy
              Leonore by Jo Duffy

The sky, horizon, land structures, my experience of rural WA and native flora, all things natural around us.

I love the change of seasons that bring across the vast array of colour. My work translates the compulsion to record and interpret the presence of Nature’s power, more often than not very solitary in the sense where there is only one viewer, and one participant.

 What materials do you like to work with and why?

Primarily I’m an oil painter, but I do like acrylics, inks and water colours. As far as a surface goes, generally canvas but I love the flexibility of hand-made papers and timber boards. I’m currently working on a series of 9×5” paintings on Australian heritage timbers.

What can Art Upmarket visitors expect from you? 

I only sell original artworks and will have a collection of my smaller pieces available at Art Upmarket. They will be  mostly landscape based with a few pure abstract pieces inspired by local parks and beaches.

Perth Art Upmarket Jo Duffy
Pool by Jo Duffy

I find small pieces are a great “first time collector” option and ideally sized for styling on a shelf or hanging on the wall, allowing the owner some flexibility on how they can style their new artwork in their own home.

What is your creative space like? 

My studio is organised chaos, with my brushes and wet works lying all around. Every inch of my creative space is fully utilised and bursting at the seams. It might not work for everyone but it works for me!

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