Cliveden: luxury clothing celebrating slow fashion

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 11.17.02You may have seen the term “slow fashion” being used a lot but have you wondered what it really means?

Cliveden designer Olivia Burridge explains that it is about both creating and buying quality over quantity. Investing in thoughtfully crafted pieces that are made to last rather than cheaper, short term garments.

Olivia started her luxe lounge and sleepwear label with a passion for quality organic clothing. She set out to not only respond to a growing demand for sustainable clothing but to create greater awareness of the importance of the slow fashion industry.

“When I created Cliveden, I knew I didn’t only want to produce comfortable, breathable clothing, it had to be highly ethical as well,” Olivia said.

“Slow fashion is about taking the time to ensure quality production and is a shift away from constantly churning out low cost products with high environmental impact.”

“Instead, it is about both creating and buying garments for quality and longevity and encouraging slower production schedules with more thoughtful, sustainable practices.”

At all stages of production, Cliveden clothing is free of toxic chemicals including pesticides, GMO seed and synthetic fertilisers.

Olivia says the highlights of her business are the positivity of customers – who are predominantly across Australia and US markets – and their genuine support.

“We receive wonderful reviews for our products and love to meet customers face to face, which is why we love attending Perth Upmarket,” she said.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 14.18.08As for the future of Cliveden, Olivia plans to continue to promote the importance of Australian made and organic products, as well as the slow fashion industry, and to expand into the European market.

Cliveden is an Upmarket Exclusive and cannot be found at other events – find them along with 180 local retailers attending Perth Upmarket this Sunday.