Meet the maker – Bronwen Holding – Doctor and ceramic flower artist

BronwynCeramics002Bronwen Holding has a unique double life.

As well as being a practising GP for the past 20 years, she runs her own small business creating stunning ceramic flowersBron’s Ceramics.

She first took up pottery classes as a stress reliever when she was juggling the demands of studying for her final fellowship exams while being a mum to a baby and a toddler. The creative outlet was a saviour for her at a time of intense pressure, providing her with an opportunity to switch off for a few hours at a time.

DSCF3109Originally from Cape Town, Bronwen moved from the UK to Perth in 2011. It was then that she started experimenting with clay to make ceramic flowers. She soon realise that she had created something truly unique, something that people wanted to buy. She started selling them and is an exclusive retailer at Perth Upmarket.

These days, she has a ceramics studio where she spends the two days she has off from general practice.

“As a GP, someone always needs an opinion or has a problem that needs solving,” she said, “In my workshop, it’s just my own thoughts and no one requires anything of me. I’m actually creating something too.”

It is this creative process that she says gives her a thrill and is not something you can always get in your day job.

To get your hands on some of her beautiful ceramic flowers, come and see Bronwen at Perth Upmarket on Sunday 25 June.

flower ceramics    flower ceramics