Winter layering with thoughtfully designed pieces by Kristin Magrit

Kristin Magrit maintains a traditional approach to creating her unique clothing label, emphasising the value of an authentic connection between the customer and the whole process, not just the final garment.

The designer will be exhibiting and meeting customers at Perth Upmarket at UWA for the first time on Sunday 24 June.

Kristin said that every decision she makes in relation to her brand, like her initial motivation to start the clothing line, is based on what she feels is the positive and right thing for both the makers and customers.

“I think, like many of us, I felt disillusioned by the relentless fast paced seasons, vast low cost offerings and wasteful, polluting nature of the big brands and cheap stores we are surrounded by – and that was stopping me in my tracks, I did not want to be a part of that,” she said

“Our clothes are really our story-tellers, they speak about who we are, our values and interests and what image we wish to portray to others. When you look at clothing as being representative of ourselves I think it is also important to think about who and what is involved in the making of them.”

While Kristin did not start with the intention of building a slow fashion brand, it naturally evolved into an important part of her brand.

“A slower approach to the Kristin Magrit line means I can involve my customer more in the journey, so they can also feel part of the story,” she said, “That feeling that something is being made especially for you, not just being churned out on a production line but being carefully made with love.”

Making her clothes locally and working closely with makers is an important part of this vision, as is a focus on quality over quantity and ensuring that she doesn’t make excess product.

Winter layering

Kristin’s range is characterised by unfussy shapes and a neutral palette featuring functional, stylish pieces to fit comfortably with your everyday life. Her pieces make the ideal layers for Perth winters.

“Layering is a great opportunity for experimenting and putting together different looks,” Kristin said, “For a minimalist aesthetic think about subtle change, like layering different textures and hues. A great example is the fold pant with funnel knit.” (pictured below)


“I stick to layering natural fabrics as the fibres breath and regulate body temperature, they are a joy to wear and naturally pair well together. Layering turns your summer garments into trans-seasonal pieces – I love unexpected combinations like a lightweight garment paired with a textural knit.”

Kirstin’s funnel knit was designed specifically for the Perth winter and has the interesting texture you need for layering as well as being soft and lightweight. The narrow sleeve means it fits easily under any other garment. Even better – this winter staple will be ready just in time for Winter Upmarket!

Kristin is also releasing a jumpsuit going into winter and says this is another great piece for layering in different temperatures – working perfectly with either a t-shirt, high neck skivvy or a knit. (pictured below).

“The low-cut neck and armholes of my new jumpsuit frame your layering piece – think of it as an ‘over’ dress with legs,” Kristin said, “It is also the most incredibly comfortable piece to wear and move around in – throw a jacket or coat over and you are ready for anything the day throws at you. Moving into spring swap out the skivvy for a wide strap singlet and belt the jumpsuit for an elevated look.”

What’s next for Kristin Magrit?

Kristin said that her vision is all about continual and organic growth, which opens up opportunities to do better in all aspects.

“I would like to manufacture to a pre-order system, really a return to how clothes traditionally are produced. It means waiting a set period before your garment arrives but I think that helps to makes your selection process thoughtful and considered, it emphasis the made by hand quality of it, that someone has been making it especially for you – that it is worth waiting for.”

“The design process is a constantly evolving story, as you progress the designs become truer and more representative of the direction and values of your brand and the customers you are making them for.

“I really am an advocate of less is more, to achieve this the garments we choose need to fit into our lives easily, be functional in our everyday, we should feel good about them AND in them, they should be a positive reinforcement of who we are.”

You can find the Kristin Magrit range and meet Kristin in person at  our Winter Upmarket at UWA’s Winthrop Hall on Sunday 24 June, 10am-4pm – parking and entry are free.