Meet KidzaBuzz our Junior Perth Upmarket Sponsor

Meet Bec Hall – the mum behind KidzaBuzz, sponsor of our Junior Upmarket- Baby and kids market. From the very first moment I met Bec, the passion she has for her business KidzaBuzz was a standout. Now in its eleventh edition, Bec has managed it all from her home office – with many a sleepless night along the way!

Why? Because, like many young mums, she just wanted to give her children the best possible experiences and to get out of the house and out and about as much as possible – without having to spend a fortune!

KidzaBuzz was Bec’s brainchild – designed to offer families in Western Australia a comprehensive guide for fun things to do with (or without) the family, with the added bonus of thousands of dollars in savings.

KidzaBuzz makes an ideal gift for yourself, it’s the gift that just keeps on giving – for a full 12 months!

As an exclusive offer to Perth Upmarket fans and subscribers, for the next 7 days, Bec is offering $5 off KidzaBuzz memberships – Perfect timing with the July school holidays fast approaching, offering 500+ discounts all for ONLY $20 (Surely you are worth $20?).

Simpy click the website link below and use Promo Code JUNIOR to purchase your KidzaBuzz membership now;


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