Creative Conversations: Perth Upmarket Exclusive Retailer – Jet Empire Jewellery

After 4 years designing for the Jet & Ruby jewellery collection, in 2012 Perth Upmarket exclusive retailer Jet Empire Jewellery was born and ever since it has grown in popularity Australia –wide.

It’s even featured on the world stage in the White House of all places! When a travel blogger wore one of their necklaces to a travel summit with Barack Obama – how exciting for Heidi Atchison the very talented creator and head designer behind Jet Empire Jewellery.

We caught up with Heidi to find out more about what inspires her to create such stunning jewellery pieces.

When did you first realise your wanted to design jewellery?

My previous career was as an accountant and I just knew I needed to follow a more creative path.

Whilst travelling around Australia in 2007 I happened upon a bead store in Port Douglas, did a jewellery making class with my daughter, and it just sparked something in me.

I then followed that up with a few more lessons and did a lot of online research, teaching myself the tricks of the trade until I was in a position to turn it into a business.

I’m glad I listened to that inner voice because I now absolutely love my job and get so much joy from it.

How would you describe your products and why the link with music?

Perth Upmarket Exclusive Retailer Jet Empire Jewellery

Our jewellery ranges from classic pieces to stand out statement pieces.

All our jewellery is made from only the finest components freshwater pearls, Swarovski pearls and crystals, gemstones and such.

The music link stemmed from when I was trying to come up with a unique way of naming the pieces and it made total sense to me to name them after songs.

I am a total music junkie and I wanted my job to be linked to something I’m passionate about.

Every jewellery piece is named after a song, sometimes a golden oldie and sometimes modern indie pop/rock – you may even find a heavy metal song thrown in there every now and then!

I also classify the pieces according to genre for a bit of fun.Perth Upmarket Jet Empire Jewellery

There’s Classical (the classic style jewellery for every occasion), Pop (the colourful pieces), Rock (the edgy pieces usually containing black stones) and Indie (the limited edition pieces).

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook most of our posts have some sort of link to music, often a flashback to an artist from the past or a song lyric that resonates.

What’s your most popular product? 

Our “My Sharona” necklaces and “Drift Away” bracelets continue to be our most popular products.

They are made from agate, freshwater pearls, Swarovski pearls and crystals and come in a range of different colours. Women love the versatility of being able to wear the necklaces either long or doubled.

What’s your personal favourite from the collection?

I love the “My Sharona” necklace in Onyx and Rose Gold as it can be worn day or night, and has black in it which is my favourite colour!

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