Creative Conversations: Perth Upmarket meets Bold Activewear


Introducing Perth Upmarket retailer Bold Activewear – a brand born out of an urge to create affordable, fashionable, and comfortable activewear for women of all shapes and sizes.

Louise, the face behind Bold Activewear, was motivated to create the range when she began working out on a regular basis and struggled to find good quality, well fitting activewear that stayed in place, and was larger than a size 14.Upmarket Bold Activewear

After losing over 20kg, she looked forward to shopping some of the more well known brands on the market, but soon realised that at $90-$100 a pair, she was never going to be able to buy more than one at a time.

Not hugely helpful when you’re training five days a week!

So, after a year of researching and collaboration with her partner Kris, Bold Activewear was born.

We caught up with Louise to find out a little more about her and what we can expect to see at Upmarket from Bold Activewear.

Louise, tell us a little about where the ideas for your activewear designs come from.

I have to admit my attention span is pretty short, which is the reason we love doing limited edition designs.  The idea of creating something new and different every collection really appeals to my sense of creativity.

Our first ever print, the flamingos, grew from my love of tropical prints and what was fashionable at the time.

For future collections we’re looking at collaborating with local WA artists to create unique designs that can be applied to our garments. The idea of collaborating with local artists to create garments that people love is so exciting to me.

How are you different from other leisure wear ranges? 

We’re here to support ladies of all shapes and sizes, and give them affordable and stylish options for their activewear. We produce in a XS to 2XL, which equates to around a 6 to 26.

All body types are unique, and while it’s impossible to cater to everyone we definitely try! We use our customer feedback to shape the collections we produce – we’re here to help, so listening is a huge part of our job!

What are your most popular designs?  Upmarket Retailer Bold Activewear

The full length flamingo tights are our best seller, paired with the mesh flamingo crop. We’ve had a number of women from group fitness classes purchase coordinating items, and it’s so much fun to see photos of them!

What is your personal favourite within the range and why? 

I really love the tank top. It’s a fitted tank with a built in bra, but the straps are thick enough to provide ample support, and the back is slightly longer than the front which means it doesn’t ride up.

What empowers you to keep creating new Bold Activewear designs?

Knowing that we’re solving a problem a lot of women face is what keeps me going. I used to hate shopping for activewear, and even when I did buy something I was never completely happy. One by one I’m checking off all my activewear pet peeves!

What can Perth Upmarket shoppers expect to see from you at out upcoming markets?

New designs, new prints, and watch out for that collaboration with a local artist!

To check out  Perth Upmarket retailer Bold Activewear’s full range click here

Bold Activewear Upmarket

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