Art Upmarket – How To Hang Art

Sarah Malone Perth Art UpmarketSo you’ve purchased that perfect piece of art you’ve been searching for, at Perth Art Upmarket but now your home you’re feeling a little unsure about how to hang it.

Let’s admit it at some point or another we’ve all taken a hammer and nail to the wall without measuring or worrying too much (sometimes that’s the only way to get it done), but how you hang your art can make or break your piece and how it connects with the room.

So here’s our Top 5 Tips on How to Hang Art Like A Pro.

1.It’s all about positioning

Yes, it should be eye level. So long as you don’t have really low ceilings or you’re not super tall!

If you have a gallery near by go and spend some time analysing how each piece is hung by the experts when it comes to eye-height and how much space is left around it.

Try and hang something so that your eye level is around 2/3 up the height of the piece.

If in doubt buy a 3M moveable hook and put it in place then step back to confirm your choice.  You can then remove it and rehang it correctly if it wasn’t quite right.

2. Help your piece fit into the pack

Consider what you already have in the room and what it has to sit alongside.

Jo Duffy Dunsborough Morning At Upmarket

What sort of colours are the walls, furniture, floor and wall coverings?  Choose a piece that is complementary in tone and colour.

If you do get it home and find it jars with the colours in the room then consider moving pieces around your home that work better with it.

Look at what it hangs above if it is going above a piece of furniture – the rule of thumb is for the width to be around 60-70% of the piece of furniture below it such as a sofa, buffet or fireplace.

3.Watch your traffic flowArt Upmarket Sea of Green Jane McKay

There is nothing worse than eating at a dinner table and feeling that at any moment if you push your chair back an inch you’ll knock into or damage a piece on the wall.

Keep zones clear so that you and your guests can never get too close so you aren’t flirting with danger.

And if a piece is sitting on the wall above a sofa do keep it at least 20cm or more above the sofa so that heads aren’t banging against it.

4.Light it up

Perth Art Upmarket D Parsons


If your piece is in a dark place and you’d like to accentuate it, then do consider hanging a light above it to make it shine.

When talking light, do also be wary of hanging precious pieces in direct sunlight.

The Australian sun is unforgiving at the best of times and the last thing you want is to realise in years to come your piece isn’t quite as vibrant as it used to be.



5.Mix it up

Don’t feel you have to stick with one theme or one colour range.  You can hang your new piece with existing pieces.

You don’t need to group pieces on theme or age, think more about complementary colour palettes. An antique piece from your grandparents or an auction house in its baroque frame can look stunning sitting right alongside a modern unframed canvas.

So what are you waiting for get the hammer and nails at the ready and hang your Perth Art Upmarket masterpiece.

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