Art Upmarket – How To Buy Art

Are you planning a trip to Perth Art Upmarket but feeling a little unsure or wary of buying art?  Are you wondering is it an art or is it a science? Well when it comes to purchasing artwork it’s a bit of both.

Choosing art for your home or office can be a tricky thing and you can often find yourself second-guessing yourself or agonising over your decision.

So how will you know which piece is right for you and whether you should jump in and make that purchase?

Never fear, Perth Art Upmarket is here to help with our top tips on how to choose artwork that perfect for you.

  1. Think objectively about your space and what you’re trying to achieve.

Take a step back and look at your room with new eyes and think about the feel of the room.  Is it a formal tone you’re going for, a whimsical and casual one?

Art Upmarket Jan Brown
Jan Brown Artist

Bold, bright and multi-hues can often best suit an informal zone, whereas more monotone palettes and structured composition can work best to portray formality and order.

What are you wanting people to feel when they enter the space?  Are you wanting them to relax when entering your lounge?  Are you wanting the piece to dominate the room or are you wanting it to tow the line with what is already there?

Would you like to draw the eye to a certain part of the room with something striking or are you looking for it to complement what is already a pretty complete décor?

  1. Have a budget in mind?

Decide your budget before you arrive. Maybe have a range in mind and an absolute maximum you’re willing to spend.

If you know your budget and stick to it you’ll feel much more confident about your purchase.

If you really like something that’s not within your budget you can always ask the artist if they have something similar bigger or smaller. You could even commission a piece to suit your space or budget – commissions are not just for the rich!

  1. Trust your gut.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing art for its aesthetic appeal.

Art Upmarket Jan Brown WA Artist
Jan Brown Artist

Choose what is right for you and what draws you in with an emotional connection that is impossible to ignore.  Like anything, we all have our own style in so many facets of life and art is no different.

  1. Consider if your work should be framed or not.

Not all works need framing, particularly when it comes to original works where it’s often nice to show off the paint splatters at the side to reinforce the fact you haven’t bought a bulk run.

Framing a work can again help define it as a more formal piece and you’ll need to do this if it’s a print or something you feel might not stand the test of time.

  1. Help your piece fit into the pack.

Consider what you already have in your room and what it has to sit alongside.

What sort of colours are the walls, furniture, floor and wall coverings?  Choose a piece that is complementary in tone and colour.

  1. A measured approach is always a good one.

And what we mean here is thing long and hard about the size of the piece.  A piece too large can dominate a room and really feel out of place.  Something too small can get lost in the mix and look ‘mean.’

If you choose a piece on gut feel alone as it’s something you just have to have then move it around your spaces until you find the right place for it. If you’re buying a piece particularly for a certain space then measure out what size is ideal and then shop for just that size.

  1. Double down.

If you’re looking to fill a large space and can’t afford a large piece then multiple works may be the way to go.

  1. Consider how you’ll transport your piece home

Think about how you’ll get your piece of art home especially if you’re looking at larger pieces.

Don’t be afraid to ask the artist about local delivery options they are used to answering these questions particularly if they work on larger artwork pieces or with heavy ceramic or sculptural pieces.

  1. Research the artists beforehand

    Perth Art Upmarket
    Jo Duffy Artist

Sometimes it takes time to imagine a piece of art in your own home. So spending some time before Art Upmarket checking out the featured artists and their work can help you narrow down your choice.

You may even find the piece you absolutely love beforehand. You can then try holding up the online image of the piece on your smart device in your chosen space and imagine what it will look like.

  1. Pop over an view our Art Upmarket Retailers Gallery

Click here to start researching your favourites now before the market even begins.