Art as a respite element: 5 reasons to buy art for your home

First Banksia by Kelly Muller Art, Architecture and Interiors by Shift Architecture, photography by Douglas Mark Black.


When the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York reopened after Covid-19 shutdown they had installed two giant white banners on the museum’s front facade designed by the Japanese-American artist Yoko Ono saying: “Dream”  and  “Together”, one responds to the other, both together just have a greater meaning. “It was a really very uplifting and emotionally charged moment to see that work,” the museum’s director, Max Hollein, said.

New banners by Yoko Ono grace the facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Credit…Vincent Tullo for The New York Times, Source:

That makes us to reflect on the purpose of art… Why do we buy art?

In a museum visit you find respite, solace, maybe even energy again, passion, excitement. That is what a museum is for, and what art is for.

When we discuss art therapy, its benefits are well known for everyone and this is specially demonstrated when undertaken by older people, people living with a mental illness or disability, and children. Its benefits include reduction of stress and anxiety; experiencing the freedom to be creative; ‘letting go’ of emotions non-verbally; and opportunities to engage socially with others and talk about art.

The magic of the therapeutic effect of art is that it is not only for those who make the art, but it multiplies itself for those who will then enjoy the beautiful piece.

But why buy art?

In 2012, The Economist has published the article ‘’The art market – Why buy art?” – a very interesting discussion about how the art market is highly psychological and social.

Today, in 2020, it is not different, and perhaps stronger. When we think about how much the COVID-19 pandemic crisis has impacted our lives, art becomes a very healthy way to ‘unbottle’ those feelings generated during the lockdown and slowly start to see again the beauty around us.

With this in mind, I can think of 5 reasons you should consider visiting UWA Art Upmarket on the 17th October 2020 and purchasing a piece art to liven up your home in these surreal times we are in:


Blossom paintings by Stacy Gardoll

1. It can add beauty to your home

Arguably, this is the most common reason as to why people buy art. The more frequent – and accurate – answer for ‘Why did you buy this piece of art?’ is probably ‘I liked it’.
Depending of the style, art can bring joy, deep emotions, warmth, prestige, luxury… Each object will relate with the family members in a unique way and this relationship will develop over time.





Art by Rachael Stay

2. It can be an investment – in many ways

It is known the value of art can multiply in an exponential way. However, have you thought about the sentimental value of it? How some pieces of art have passed through generations of a family? When you love a piece of art with all your heart, this piece of fine art can stay in your family for generations. The longer it’s cherished by the family, the more valuable it becomes to the family. An inherited piece of art could bring memories of all those moments lived around it.





Aerial view from the Moon, client commission by Kelly Muller Art, Architecture and Interiors by Shift Architecture, photography by Douglas Mark Black.

3. It can work as time traveller
Art sometimes has the power to make you travel through space and time without leaving your place. It can bring memories and lift emotions.
In an event like the Art Upmarket you may get to know the artist, hear the story behind the artwork, and get a better understanding of the artist’s feelings towards the piece, its inspiration and so on…
People choose art once it has ‘leapt out’ at them. They’ve felt something deeply about the piece and, at that very moment they’ve decided they must have it. This always leads to an amazing story to tell people when they ask about your artwork.



Sisters by Juliana Torres, Architecture and Interiors by Shift Architecture, photography by Douglas Mark Black.

4. It can add a focal point and perspective to the room

The appropriate object – doesn’t matter if it is a canvas or a sculpture – will add so much depth and character to the space. It creates a focal point and brings life to many of the contemporary homes we design these days.
Canvas will add perspective and change the proportion of the walls it is installed on in addition of the character and the appeal. Additionally, sculptures, ceramics, digital media and other unique artworks will also add a certain “extra special” character, or as they say in French, ‘je ne sais quoi’, to your home. The perfect piece of artwork will capture the eye on the exact moment a person steps foot in the room.



Art by Jayne Rollinson

5. You’re supporting local WA artists

During the pandemic, most artists have been heavily impacted. Buying in the Art Upmarket, you’re helping WA artists to develop and create unique work. Maintaining and cultivating their talents in our State it is very important. It is a visual representation of this time for history. Finally, you’re will be contributing for them to continue creating art and making the world a brighter – and better – place.





In summary, an artwork is an object in your environment that is supposed to help you to recharge because of its power to bring together form and emotion, shapes and senses, the ephemeral and the eternal. In the wise words of Thomas Merton “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time,”.


Browse through our Art Upmarket Gallery to see which art work style piques your interest and come and meet the artists at Art Upmarket on October 17th at The University of Western Australia’s Winthrop hall.


Blog written by Juliana Torres- Shift Architecture

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