27 Apps We Love and Use Regularly for Creative Businesses

Everyone has a favourite app (or ten) they can’t do with out. We’ve compiled a list of the business apps we love most and use regularly, both for work and fun in our creative business. There are bound to be a few apps on this list you haven’t tried yet so get downloading and make your life easier! They are mostly free or very low-cost apps which might just prove to be life-changing for your business.


Work-Related Apps: Social Media

Facebook Pages: If you run a Facebook business page, the Facebook Pages app is really handy. You can post to your page, and respond to comments and messages, without the huge distraction of opening your regular Facebook app.

Facebook Ads Manager: When you have some Facebook ads running but you’re not at your desk, the Ads app is a lifesaver. You can monitor your ads and turn them on or off as need be.

Instagram: Where would we be in life without Instagram? Devoid of inspiration and pretty pictures, that’s where! Enjoying your Instagram feed, posting to your own account and interacting with other users is all easy and fun.

Later: You might find yourself with some sudden spare time and some ideas for your social media platforms – then use the Later app to schedule out your posts in advance. It’s especially handy that you can now properly schedule your Instagram posts out using Later – no more getting a reminder later to post them.

Pinterest: The Pinterest app is beautifully designed and makes it really fun to explore all the ideas, images and links people have pinned onto the platform.


Work-Related Apps – Communication

Mailchimp: Many of you will be used using your laptop or desktop computer to compose and send newsletters via Mailchimp, but did you know there’s an app as well? It’s especially useful to monitor your email campaigns once you’ve sent them out and watch where people are clicking.

Teamwork Chat: If you work with a team, the Teamwork project management software is a really useful tool, and when you’re on the go, the Teamwork Chat app is particularly useful. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your team members without the messages getting lost in another platform like your email or Facebook messenger.


Work-Related Apps – Money

Xero: If you use Xero for your accounting then the app can help you keep on top of your bookwork, for example, scanning in expenses on the go. If you use another accounting software, check for an app as many offer this feature these days and you can do away with the shoebox of receipts!

PayPal Here: There are so many more options for taking payments on the go these days but the PayPal Here app is a really handy one. You can then use your mobile to take credit card payments, or buy their card reader to enable tap and go payments under $100.  If you are a Perth Upmarket Retailer, please contact us about our special partner rates with PayPal.

Adwords: If you are running Google Adwords campaigns, the Adwords app is essential. You can monitor your campaigns and make adjustments if you see a way to improve them.


Work-Related Apps – Graphics and Images

Canva: You can now get Canva on the go! If you are also addicted to using Canva to create your graphics for social media, advertising and more, then you will love the Canva app too – you can create a gorgeous collage image, add text and more.

Snapseed: This is a great mobile photo editing tool that can make the images you share on Instagram or other social media platforms really stand out.

Giphy Cam: If you are a GIF lover and want to create your own to share on social media then you’ll love Giphy Cam. You can take short bursts of photos or use images from your camera roll and have so much fun!


Work-Related Apps – Information and Productivity

Dropbox: Many of us synchronise our main files on our computer to Dropbox or a similar storage application these days, and one of the big bonuses is this means we can access them on the run. If you want to show a spreadsheet to your accountant or a new design to a potential customer, you can open that file via your Dropbox app.

Evernote: You can use Evernote to file any kind of information – text, images, links – into folders you can organise in any way you like. The Evernote app is a great way to access or add to this information whenever you need to.

Flat Tomato: Do you have trouble staying on task? Flat Tomato is a timer based on the Pomodoro technique – where you only work in 25-minute bursts – to keep you on track and avoiding procrastination.


Work-Related Apps – Out and About

EasyPark: More and more car parks are adopting the EasyPark app and it really is an easy way to park. No more fiddling around at the ticket machines, you just enter the car park number into your app and set how long you want to stay there. You can extend your parking time from the app and when you get back to your car you can end your parking time right away, meaning you only pay for what you actually use.

Podcasts: Listening to podcasts – whether they’re about business or for pleasure – is a great way to make the most of driving or commuting time or while you’re out for a walk. The iTunes Podcasts app on iOs or Podbean on any platform are great ways to listen.

BOM Weather: The Bureau of Meteorology Weather app is particularly handy so you know how to dress for the day and whether or not to take an umbrella, and the satellite images are really handy if you’re worried about rain coming down on your outdoor event.


Non-Work Related Apps

UberEats/Deliveroo: After a long day when you really can’t face getting in the car again, these food delivery apps are such a lifesaver!

Spotify: Whatever music you feel like listening to, Spotify has it, and the more you listen the more it creates great playlists for you no matter what your mood. Many mobile carriers include Spotify streaming for free so you can listen anywhere.

Gumtree: Want to buy something or got something to sell? The Gumtree app is a great place for browsing or for picking up some cash by getting rid of unwanted objects.

Airtasker: Whatever it is you need or want to outsource – putting together some furniture, delivering something or handyman work – Airtasker has someone who can do it for you.

Rooster Money: If you also have trouble finding the right coins or notes to hand out your kids’ pocket money then you might also love the Rooster Money app. You can add regular weekly pocket money amounts to their balances and also add bonus money for completing chores.

Duolingo: Headed on a trip? Duolingo is a fantastic language learning app and a great way to pick up some essential phrases before you land in a foreign country.

Insight Timer: We so often hear that meditation is the way to help us deal with the busy and the stress in life. Insight Timer is a great collection of guided meditation recordings and the range of lengths, voices and topics means there is something to suit everyone.


Do you have a list of favourites?  Email us and let us know your top recommendations… we would love to hear from you.

* Some of the links in these posts are referral links.  We only recommend apps we use, know and trust.