10 things for creative businesses to get right on a Facebook page

We recently performed some Facebook page reviews for the members of our Growth Quarters Mastermind and noticed a few common things that creatives and handmade businesses could improve on in the way they use a Facebook business page to promote their products. If you’ve got a Facebook business page (and if not – why not?), then here are ten things to make sure you’re getting right.


1. Use a clear logo as your profile picture. Remember it will be very small in some parts of Facebook, so if possible make it distinct and recognisable. Try to use a logo instead of a product photo.


2. Make the best use of your Facebook cover photo. This might include photos of your products, and a tag line promoting your business. Check it still looks good on mobile devices, and consider updating it periodically too, as this shows up in the feed as a post.


3. Be sure your online shop is connected to Facebook so that people can easily buy your products.


4. Mix up the kinds of posts you do. Remember people come to Facebook to talk to their friends, not to go shopping, so include a mix of promotional product-based posts with posts that are more personal, perhaps behind the scenes, and so on.


5. Also, be sure to make your posts engaging – you want to encourage people to interact, leave comments and share your posts. Asking questions is a good way to do this.


6. It’s fine to share your Instagram photos to Facebook but make sure you edit the captions as you share so that you don’t end up having an Instagram-style caption with thirty hashtags on Facebook. It’s not a good look!


7. Post regularly! If you only post every couple of months or worse, only at market time and not in between, the Facebook algorithm will likely not sure your posts to many people at all.


8. If your followers take the time to leave you comments, make sure you respond to them in a timely manner.


9. A lot of people use Facebook Messenger even to talk to business pages these days, so be sure to reply there quickly and to have the auto responder set up in case they message while you’re busy or asleep!


10. Have fun with it! Facebook can be a lot of fun and it’s a great way to keep up a friendly relationship with your customers and potential customers, so treat it like you’re happy to be there and happy to chat and it’ll start to work even better for you.