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Application dates
* Market date- Sunday 25th March 2018  Applications open Mon 27th Nov 2017 / Close Monday 16th Jan 2018 (extended due to Christmas break)
* Market date- Sunday 24th June 2018- Applications open Mon 26th Mar 2018/ Close Mon 9th April 2018
* Market date- Sunday 16th September 2018 – Applications open Mon 25th June 2018 / Close Mon 1st Oct 2018
* Market date- Sunday 25th November 2018 – Applications open Mon 17th Sep 2018 / Close Mon 1st Oct 2018

Applications generally open the day after the previous event for 2 weeks only. These dates may change. Please register to be informed of event application dates.

Retailer Information

>> Essential Information– Stall fees, stall sizes, terms and conditions
>> Retailer FAQs
>> Retailer expectations and standards (coming soon)


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> > November 2017 Upmarket Open
(LOG IN FIRST) Applications close Mon 2nd October 2017
New retailers must register first.

Facebook Community

>> Join our closed Facebook group – Open to Perth Upmarket retailers who have paid for a stall in last 12 months
>> Coffee Catchups – Next event Tues 19th Sept, 2017 (more details on the Facebook group)