Become a Perth Upmarket retailer

We are looking for WA’s best designers, makers and gourmets to join us at our quarterly curated design market!

What Is Perth Upmarket?

Perth Upmarket is Perth’s premier quarterly market for handcrafted wares. We are a West Australian business and our vision is to help creative small businesses, like yourself, to thrive. We want to provide you with tools and support to help you before, on the day and well past the event. Here is what we think sets us apart from other markets:

  • Our events are shopping events.  Our aim is to get thousands of savvy shoppers in front of your stall to buy your products.
  • Our events are FREE to attend, so we attract thousands of customers to your stall at each event.
  • Our events are curated – we hand pick over 180 of Perth’s best retailers, limiting the numbers in each category, to give customers choice and variety while minimising competition between exhibitors. You will be in good company.
  • We spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in executing our highly targeted marketing plan in order to attract the right people who are your target market are ready to do business with you. Perth Upmarket has previously been featured on Sunrise, Air Asia inflight magazine, Tourism West Australia, WA Weekender, The West Australian and WA Business news to mention a few.
  • We care about you and your success. Many of our retailers have worked with us and together for years and have become good friends.
  • Perth Upmarket is held on the picturesque grounds of The University of Western Australia – centrally located between the north and south of Perth and boasting loads of free parking.
  • We have 3 ATM’s on site and plenty of free parking.
  • We attract high quality sponsors that help elevate our event to extend our reach.
  • We have a private Facebook Group community where you can build ongoing business relationships with other retailers and where we share information and tips to help you maximise your day.
  • We are a professional events team and pride ourselves on being highly organised.
  • Our aim is to make your day stress free and generate lots of sales.

Who Are We Looking For?

Perth Upmarket is a curated event which means we handpick the most creative designers, makers, artists and gourmets that we feel are a good fit for the Perth Upmarket brand. 

More specifically, we are looking for creatives that:

  • make or design their product here in WA
  • have a high quality, unique and stylish product. Great branding and stall display.
  • offers a product that we think will appeal to our target market
  • can professionally merchandise and present their product
  • demonstrates a high level of design and involvement in the creation of the product
  • are active on social media and will help to promote the event
  • have professional images that we can use to promote their presence at the event.

We also consider where else the product is sold and how many other retailers we have in each category.

NOTE: Not all registrations are approved. Based on the high number of applications we are unable to provide individual feedback on applications not accepted by Perth Upmarket. If you are not successful, you may reapply only if you significantly change your offering.

Here’s What Some Of Our Retailers Have To Say:

What Do I Get If I Am Accepted?

As a Perth Upmarket retailer, you will receive a number of very special things:

  • Access to Thousands of potential customers! – We normally attract around 10,000 shoppers to each Upmarket event.  We have a detailed marketing plan that promotes the event as a shopping event and attracts the right target market.
  • Your own space to sell your products and talk to customers in front of thousands of savvy shoppers. You are expected to be present at the event.
  • A website listing in our retailer directory with a picture and link to your website to send traffic to you before and after the event.
  • Your business name listed on our market map guide which is hosted online and given away on the day.
  • Tools and support to help you drive traffic to your stall and be successful on the day and after.
  • Access to our private Retailers Only Facebook group to network with other vendors and ask questions
  • Option for additional paid promotion through our digital channels to our large database which will extend your reach.

What’s The Cost & Stall Sizes?

Our market event stall fees vary depending on the size and positioning of the space. The following fees are for all UWA Upmarkets. Pop Up event prices and offerings may vary. Prices may also change without notice.

  •  Veranda site (1.8m x 1.5m) $260
  • Small site (2m x 1.5m*) $275
  • Small corner (2m x 1.5m*) $315
  • Medium site (3m x 1.5m*) $335
  • Medium corner (3m x 1.5m*) $360
  • Large outside site (3m x 3m) $395 (you must provide your own marquee)
  • Large indoor site (3m x 3m) $570 (limited number available)

*Junior Upmarket stalls are 1.2m deep due to smaller venue size.

 Other fees that may apply include:

New applicant fee – A one off $33 new applicant fee applies for all new applicants. This will be added to the first invoice and covers the additional cost of establishing a new retailer file.

  • Table hire – We can provide you with trestle table hire at $35 per table.
  • Insurance – Insurance is compulsory. If you don’t have your own public and product liability insurance, it is available through us for $33 per event.
  • PayPal Here – We have negotiated special rates for PayPal Here. A one off fee applies to purchase the machine and then pay as you go for transactions processed. Ask us for more information if you become an approved retailer.
  • Power – Limited power is available for outdoor stalls. Cost is $50 for up to 3 connections.
  • Food retailers – Must have a current food permit with the City of Perth.

Online Shop listings

*Open to eligible retailers only, please register first.
* List 5 products in our online store for $25 (3 months) New retailers or retailers who haven’t retailed in the last 12 months, a one time admin fee of $33 applies.

Virtual Upmarket Events

List your special offer in our one day Virtual Upmarket event.  Only open to eligible retailers. Please register and we will notify you when the next event is running. 

We promote the offers through our marketing channels in the lead up and on the day. Traffic is directed to your website where the sale occurs. We do not take any commission.

$120 existing retailers, $153 for new retailers  or those who haven’t retailed in the last 12 months.  (incl $33 first time retailer admin fee). Add 5 products to our online store for $25 for 3 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Perth Upmarket FAQ

How do I apply for future events?

Eligible retailers need to reapply for each event.  To apply, simply check the dates when applications are open.  It is normally the day after the previous event for 2 weeks. Then LOG IN to our website in the top right hand corner and then click on the application form.  The application form is a private page and only accessible for eligible retailers.  To become an eligible retailer you must register first.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, insurance is compulsory. If you have your own insurance, we ask that you provide us with your policy details otherwise public and product liability insurance is available through us for $33 per event.  We are unable to cover toys or skincare products under our policy so if you offer either of these two product catagories, you will need your own policy.

Do you provide any walls or structures for my space?

No, we will mark out your space and it’s up to you to bring all structures and equipment to make it look amazing! You will be able to unload near the venue.

When will I find out where my space is?

You will receive a floor plan and bump in info the week prior to the event. If you have a specific request please include it on your application. We will do our best to accommodate.

Can I share a space?

We generally don’t allow the sharing of spaces. We may consider it if your brands aligns. There will be an additional fee to cover extra admin and the second website listing.

Do you have change rooms?

We don’t have formal change rooms. You may bring a changing tent and we do have a space both upstairs and downstairs where you can place a change tent and mirror.

Are there any special conditions for food retailers?

Food retailers must be a registered food business, comply with the market stall food regulations and will be required to complete an Application for Temporary Food Business with the local council as the council food safety offers are in attendance at every market and no refunds will be given to retailers who fail to comply or get approval in time.

This applies to exhibitors offering tastings as well as those selling food for consumption on the day.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

Sorry, once spots are confirmed with payment we do not offer refunds.

Are there ATMs at the market?

We hire ATM machines for the UWA events. They are located at the back southern corner of the Winthrop hall, outside.  Many customers bring cash, especially for small purchases and food. Make sure you bring plenty of change. If you would like to take credit card payments we suggest you look into the PayPal tap and go machines.  Perth Upmarket has negotiated special transaction rates for our approved retailers.

Does the market have WIFI?

Unfortunately the market does not have access to any free wifi connections.  You will need to use your mobile phone, eftpos machine or iPad for any paypal transactions.

Will I be able to access power?

Power access is reserved for food retailers who should notify us of power requirements on the event application form.  Power is limited and is carefully placed in safe positions to meet the requirements. Limited power is available inside – please ask for more info. Please ensure anything plugged in has a tagged and tested cord.  Failure to do this will mean you will not be able to connect to power.

If I am unsuccessful, will I receive feedback?

New Registrations

Not all registrations are suitable. Due to the large number of registrations we receive, we are unable to provide individual feedback.  We will send you advice via email about the status of your registration, either approved or declined.  The email is a generic email that outlines some of the reasons why you may not be eligible to the next stage.  Registrations are normally assessed within 7 days.  Registrations for eligibility can be submitted at any time.

Applications for events

Applications for events are normally assessed within 2 weeks of the closing date.  Every applicant will receive an email advising if they have been successful in securing a space or placed on the reserves list.  Not all spaces offered are taken up and as spaces are cancelled we work through the reserves list to reallocate spaces.  The number of other retailers in your category can impact on your chance of acceptance as well as how closely you rate on our eligibility criteria.  If you have not been successful, we suggest that you review our tips for applying for markets and if you have revised your stall presentation, branding, photos etc or, please make sure they are included with your application so we can reassess you.  Applications are normally open for 2 weeks only.  Please check and apply within the open dates.

I’m a new business. I’m not sure I’m ready to register or apply.

Perth Upmarket is more than market events.  We want to help you create a successful, thriving creative business.  If you need a helping hand getting started pop over to our Growth Quarters mastermind page.  Here you can complete our Getting Started learning program and have access to Upmarket founder, Justine Barsley who will help you get ready for markets or selling online.  Whether that is working towards a spot at Perth Upmarket or any other market event, Growth Quarters mastermind group is open to any creative business on application.

What are the event and application dates?

Application dates 2020
Applications generally open the day after the previous event for 2 weeks only. These dates may change. Please register to be informed of event application dates. You may register for eligibility at any time

Market date – Sunday 22nd March 2020
Applications open Mon 25th November 2019 / Close Mon 6th January, 2020. (extended due to Christmas Period)

Market date- Sunday 21st June 2020
Applications open Mon 23rd March 2020 / Close Mon 6th April 2020

Market date – Sunday 13th September 2020
Applications open Mon 22nd June 2020 / Close Mon 6th July 2020

Market date – Sun 29th November 2020
Applications open Mon 14th September 2020 / Close Mon 28th September 2020



Do I need to reapply for each event?

Yes, you will need to reapply for each event. To keep the event fresh, we handpick retailers for each event. Acceptance into one market does not mean you have a permanent spot. Please check the application dates.

How do I get involved?

Joining Perth Upmarket is a two step process:

Step 1: Register now to see if you qualify to go on our eligible retailers list. Once you register you will receive a response within 7 days as to your eligibility.
Please note that not everyone that registers is deemed the right fit for this event and may not be accepted. You can register at any time.

Step 2: If you are approved for the eligible retailer list you will be directed to APPLY for specific Perth Upmarket events directly. 

Applications are only open for a fixed time so please check dates and apply during these times.

Please note that we receive many more applications for the event than spots available and we limit the number of retailers in each category. To increase your chance of securing a spot please:

  • complete all questions on the application form.
  • provide professional photos to showcase your work.
  • include a photo of a past stall set up or sketch of what you are proposing.